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Dog N' Cat Kennel
a licensed boarding kennel
Only $10/day/dog or cat
Call      207-457-2268

Generally OPEN 7 DAYS per WEEK
> Ready for your  getaway?
Does your pet need boarding while you are away?

     Licensed Dog and Cat Kennel

FOR ONLY  $10  per day for dog or cat

Call   207-457-2268

> Overnight Boarding for Dog, Cat and other pets.
  For Dogs:   
   'Your dog and his buddies can lounge in his own doggie room',
    For Cats:
      'Cat's quiet care' with quiet multi-level Kitty Kennels large enough  for a family of cats

> For other pets:
     'Call to discuss what you need.  We have spaces for rabbits, ferrets, other small animals, and occassionally space for other farm animal pets such as lambs.

" Call Now
to make your pet's reservation
for your vacation or business trip..."

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