> ALL animals must bring a copy of all up to date vaccines

> All animals will have a pre-entry visual health exam

>   known to be pet or livestock agressive
    dog breeds must be reviewed for temperament before              boarding will be agreed to

Additionally For Overnighters of any type:

   Bring  your pet's:
     usual food (food required for length of stay), &             any treats & chew toys that you allow,
     food & water dish,
     favorite blanket/bed/crate or something that smells like home
   payment is due at drop off..

  Any dog remaining at the kennel without their week's board paid at least 1 week in advance, will
be considered abandon here.   Abandon dogs will
  be given up to an animal shelter for disposal.

Requirements for Boarders
at the  Dog N' Cat  Kennel

CALL  207-457-2268   for reservations