Standard Schnauzers
at Menomin Meadow

I fell in love with Standard Schnauzers when I bought 2 from Helen Boynton back in the '70's.  They have shared my life equally well in an condominium outside of Boston as well as a farm in Maine.     I continue to share my current farm life with loving, protective, friendly, best buddy Standard Schnauzers.  

The latest love of my life, Kesef In the Beginning ("Gwenny")  earned her show championship, then became my constant companion.   From the alert show dog through to her farm instincts to herd, announce visitors, greet friends, chase vermin, and be-friend the farm ducks (wild and tame), I have loved every inch of her.    My blessed Gwenny has gone to the next world where she waits for me.

I am now looking for a new companion Standard Schnauzer to accompany me on my adventures as a retired, yet active senior citizen.

C. Crossmon