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> Standard Hours:
     Sunday through Saturday    8:00 AM - 5 PM :

  Closed for pickups/dropoffs on National Holidays 
Call if you have special scheduling requirements
> Kennel & Kittery Rates:  For Dogs, Cats, and other small pets.
$10 per day  per pet 

>Board payment is due at drop off, no credit cards accepted

Pets here during moves (un-determined end date) are required to pay board up front for the existing known move period , Delays in move date MUST be accompanied with board paid in advance of boarding period & in  at least 2 week increments  until pickup.   
>Dogs & other pets with issues
        Should your pet show agression towards us or other animals here we have the right to refuse to board your pet.

> Pets that are destructive will incur the costs of repairs and replacements.  These costs will be added to your pet's board and payment will be required prior to picking up your pet.

*  a Kennel day is defined as any part of the day beginning at 8 AM and ending at 5PM, overnights are included in the Next kennel day.    No pickups or drop offs outside of kennel hours.

Go to Requirements page to see what you need to bring with you:

CALL  207-457-2268   for reservations,   or email to find out if we have openings during  your vacation time
   Hours & Rates  at  The Dog N' Cat Kennel